I have always wanted to be more than just a wrap line. Along with making representation my mission and being a brand that promotes cultural diversity; I also want to give and do more.


I will be dropping specific wraps from time to time that represent a specific cause and a percent of the sales (I will disclose when I launch them) will be donated to that cause or organization. I will always be transparent and share what we (you and I) have done together. 

The first wrap that was launched for a cause was "Rychelle" (originally July 2020). 

This wrap represents the children who fall into the cracks of our communities and into the hands of predators. While I am still learning about this cause and organization, 25% of "Rychelle's" sales will be donated to OUR Rescue. During our first launch, we raised over $50 dollars and I believe we will continued to grow and give more together. 

To find out more about OUR Rescue, please click the link above. I am not personally affiliated with OUR Rescue, but believe in the work they do for our children.