What Makes Marlo Bea Wraps Different?

When I came up with the idea of launching a head wrap line for children, I tried to come up with solutions to the problems I often came across when looking for hair accessories for my girls. So I put together a list of some of those challenges and wanted to share how my line came about..

  • Will these products work for curly hair and why do I only see certain types of girls and hair being promoted?
  • I do like modern and sweets prints, but I really want bold and ethnic options, do you have those?
  • Should I choose a bow, twist, or knot in each print, because I want them all.
  • Are there options that will grow with my child or do I have to keep buying new items every time my child's head gets bigger?

There were many things to be noted and questions to be answered, but these were all too common and a big deal for me. When I would go to a lot of the brands being shared by influencers and shops alike - I noticed that there was a very specific type of look and each page looked the same. I don't believe that this was intentional or malicious, but I wanted to feel like the brands that I shopped from thought of my girls and the girls in my family - Black girls, Cambodian girls, Mexican girls, Island girls, Indian girls, and brown girls of all shades. As much as their skin tones differ, so do their hair types and I didn't see much of that either - after all we are talking about HAIR accessories.

I also found that many shops had beautiful prints and designs, but I couldn't find any that offered ethnic or bold prints. (Not a deal breaker, but I was looking for something specific.) Yes, there are quite a bit of head wrap lines for adults that offer ethnic and bold prints, but many are not marketed to children and babies. Once I found prints that I really liked and chose to buy, I would then get stuck with deciding on the style I wanted and the sizes I needed.

Now this may not be an issue for parents who don't mind spending any amount on hair accessories and/or can afford to purchase all styles in one print - that's not me. I needed wraps that I could tie in various ways and could keep them essentially forever. I wanted wraps that boldly represented my girls, their ethnic backgrounds and overall I wanted to make something that was versatile and inclusive in many ways.

I believe that I have done that and continue to find ways to improve my products and this community.