After giving birth to my little girl (number three) and starting early childhood all over again with my husband; I had the urge to deliver another lifelong adventure. I love to create and what better thing to do than create for the ones you love? Along with being a blended family we are also ethnically blended. We are a black (African American) family with asian/pacific island, hispanic and European roots. 

It is important that our children are raised with self-awareness and sometimes growing up mixed can make things a little tricky. One of the main goals for this company is to represent people of color and create an opportunity for families to not only represent, but teach their culture through self expression. However, Marlo Bea is for everyone and I couldn't be more happy to see you here and ready to get wrapped up in all of this cultural goodness.

This company is not only dedicated to my daughters and my son, but to my great-grandmothers Mildred (New Orleans) & Beatrice (Guam) who sit at the top of my tree.

- Shun Moore